Classic Jaguar Replicas - Aluminium C-Type

Check out our online SlideshowThe all aluminium CJR replica of the legendary 1953 C-Type Jaguar, offers all the driving thrills and nostalgia of fast period motoring from the early 1950s.

The fully independent front and rear suspension, combined with authentic feel and appearance and improved 1960s Jaguar technology, provides better performance, with far superior road holding, making this a safer car to drive than the original.

In the cockpit, every care and attention is made to ensure that the CJR aluminium C-Type is as close to the original as possible. Unlike many other C-Type replica manufacturers, there are no hidden extras such as aluminium radiators and stainless exhaust systems – These come as standard on our car.

The price we advertise for our aluminium CJR C-Type’s is the price you pay.

We can tailor the car to your own wishes at no additional cost, provided we keep within the same general specifications. If you are an overseas buyer, we pioneered the development of the LHD C-Type (at no additional cost), having built and shipped cars to the United States, France and Sweden.


VAT is applicable to customers within the EEC

For further information, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss any aspect of our service.